Drew Kelly: Drummer

"Manipulating the space between the notes with style and finesse..."

Need A Percussionist With "Plenty Of Cowbell"?

A drummer is more than a guy with sticks, drums, and the inability to sit still.

A drummer is a slave to the music, carrying the music with style and finesse, while knowing the right times to fill the subtle holes within the song with the right mix of fills. Great music allows all of the instruments and voices to dance together and touch people in their hearts, minds, and soul, and a great drummer carries that all the way to the hands and feet until the audience can't help but tap their fingers and move their feet.

But having that talent is nothing without the dedication to hone skills and the drive to constantly explore new ways of making the music better. And I have that drive...

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    "Are You Ready To Rock?"

    "ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR!!!"

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